Pollyanna – Eleanor H. Porter

pollyannatitle: Pollyanna
author: Eleanor H. Porter

publisher: Aladdin
date of publication: january 1913

my bookreview: Pollyanna is a very unfortunate 11-year-old child. After her father’s death, the young orphan has to live with a cold and very strict aunt who does not seem capable of love. But even in such tragic circumstances, Pollyanna remains optimistic. She soon teaches everybody around her to play “the glad game”. The goal is to find something you can be glad about, and Pollyanna is very good at it. This has been her way to go through sad events for years, and she is now able to highlight the good side even of the most depressing situation one can imagine. Little by little, the young girl brings back happiness in everybody’s heart.

Pollyanna is one of the most comforting books I know. Perfectly suited to your bibliotherapy list, it is the kind of fiction that reminds you of every good little thing there is in life, even when it seems like everything is going wrong. That’s why I recommend parents to read it to their youngest (from 5 or 6) but also put it in the hands of older ones (from 9 or 10). Pollyanna is able to give children both tools and hope when facing the hardest moments of their life. Grown-ups will also be touched by Pollyanna’s candour that will remind them how to cheer up.

mark: 5/5
recommended age: from 9 yo


A propos Leaz

Libraire multi-fonction, déjà séduite par les trésors de la littérature jeunesse, j'adore y dénicher ses perles francophones; je découvre aussi les charmes du 9e art et en curieuse invétérée ne peux m'empêcher d'explorer les vertus de la bibliothérapie et autres activités biblio-ludique.
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