Bouquinetatherapie is my reader/bookseller’s blog.
If you are not a French speaker, you might like me to explain this blog’s name.
« Bouquine » comes from the French verb « bouquiner », an informal word for « lire » (=read). « Ta » is the possessive pronoun meaning « your ». And you will easily guess that « thérapie » actually means therapy. So, it would mean « reading your therapy » hohoho … I will explain that later…

You will find here : bookreviews in French and in English as well as some articles about book world for those who understands French.

Speaking of books, you will quickly realise that I review mainly children and young adults literature (which will be even more true for English bookreviews than for French). 2-years working in that section in a French bookshop have indeed influenced my readings 😉 I actually really enjoyed advising books to children and their parents. But I also like reading comic books and graphic novels as well as general fiction.

I am also really interested in bibliotherapy, and that explains the name of this blog!
It is not very well known in France, but more developed in the UK and USA. The idea is to read your therapy. Or, your therapy is to read. Whatever, you will learn more about it later in the bibliotherapy category.